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Centre Grounds: West Moreton Anglican College
Larsens Rd, Karrabin, Qld, Australia

  • Entry to the college for Little Athletics meets is via the colleges Larsens Rd gates
  • All parking will be in the car park directly accessed on your right after entry
  • This gate will be open for the use of Colleges’ LAC families
  • The car park has lighting and is a short walk past the basketball courts to the main oval where Little Athletics will take place
Please note:
  • West Moreton Anglican College is a non smoking environment
  • No dogs are permitted within the grounds of the college
  • Access is only via Larsens Rd and other buildings and areas within the college are out of bounds
  • Parents are responsible for the behaviour and whereabouts of their own children
Postal Address: PO Box 7126, Mt Crosby Qld 4306
Club Summary: Colleges Little Athletics Centre is a community based junior sporting organisation catering for children from five to fifteen years of age. We rely on the volunteer efforts of our members to provide assistance with athletic meetings, which are held Friday night at West Moreton Anglican College. Athletes perform in five events each week, including events such as running, discuss, shotput, relays, long jump, and high jump. Our first meets were held in the 2003-04 season and we were based at Mt Crosby Sportsground until the 2017/18 season.

We are an incorporated association operating as a non-profit organisation.

Colleges Little Athletics Centre Management Committee - 2021/22

Centre Manager: Brianne Seidel 0432 035768
Asst Centre Manager: Mark Seidel  
Secretary: Colin McInnes 0417 917678
Treasurer: Megan Axelsen 0414 722491
Programme Officer: Steve Axelson  
Records Officer: Chris Leeson  

Colleges Little Athletics Centre Website

Website: http://www.collegesla.org.au
Web Geek: Colin McInnes  

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